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And so, it begins

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Welcome to! I am your host, the most fantabulous Paul Anthony Webb a/k/a NetOperator Wibby (virtually everywhere else on the vast Internet). What can you expect from Basically anything that comes out of my head and holds my attention long enough to be written about.

I thought about porting the posts from my previous blog, but I'd rather start fresh. After all, after the tumultuous year that was 2016, I think we could all use a fresh start.

As a professional front-end web designer and developer, I thought about creating a beautiful theme to showcase my dope skills but I tend to go overboard and never release things. I'm aiming to change that. I was also going to write my own blogging platform after my frustration and false start with Ghost but then I found Hexo (shoutout to the creator of NX framework for the recommendation)!

Long story short, I intend to stick around with this blog for quote some time. Fancy upgrades and whatnot will happen over the next year and years after that. Kottke has been blogging since 2008. I graduated high school in 2006! Crazy.

I hope you'll find my little area on the Internet of interest at least a few times. 🕸