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BeachfrontDigital — June Update

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Upcoming Features

Over the past month, I've gotten great feedback and some users have added a lot of domains to Beachfront. But, wouldn't it be nice if you could manage your domains? I'm still hard at work on implementing domain purchasing but as I write this I realize it might've been better to implement domain management first...oh well.

Searching for domains on BeachfrontDigital

In any event, domain management will be pretty easy even if you don't buy your domains from Beachfront (my pricing isn't the most competitive at the moment). Adjust your domain's DNS settings to my dedicated DNS servers and you'll be able to make further edits from your BD account. Domain renewals and transfers will come after that. And then after that, the real fun starts and I can get started on helping you get rid of domains you don't need anymore. 😉 This'll be a multi-tiered strategy/process, stay tuned!

Continued Improvement

I've identified low-hanging fruit thanks to a combination of early feedback and little things I've observed here and there. One of these issues is the signup flow for new users. Wouldn't it be awesome if you were automatically logged in after signing up?

Another improvement has to do with logging-in as well. By default, you get emailed a link that contains your login token. When clicking that link, a new browser tab opens but now you have two of them to the same site. If this is an issue for you, you will have an option in your account settings to receive just the token itself to copy and paste into the form input that'll appear on the site.

-- 2017/06/29 update start --

New users will get both an intro email and a login link in a separate email. I initially wanted the new user to be automatically logged in but wasn't able to figure out how to do such a thing with Passwordless. So, this is the compromise I came up with. Besides, it's kinda like verifying one's account. Right? Right?

In your account settings, there's now an option to choose whether you want to login via a tokenized link (default method) or via copy/pasting a token into the page that pops up on Beachfront if you have that option selected (that was a mouthful).

Options are a beautiful thing to have.

-- 2017/06/29 update end --

Creating icons or logos is not easy and it often takes quite a bit of time for me to 1) think of something, 2) create it, and 3) like the output. I'm pleased to say I've done just that for BeachfrontDigital!

New BeachfrontDigital logo!

I started with 48px and worked my way up. In the coming weeks, I'll update the site and Twitter account with it. I like this so much, I feel like I should get some t-shirts made...maybe later this year, haha.


And there you have it! My goal is to send at least one newsletter a month to let y'all know how development is going. Stay rad! 🕸