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Year in Review

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So much has happened this year, not just for me but my wife as well. Let's dig in.

I quit Instagram

A year prior I quit Facebook proper but it seemed disingenuous to continue using Instagram. Knowing that I was still in FB Land made me feel gross so my last post was New Years Day.

Attained Wakandan Citizenship

Black Panther was the greatest movie of the year. I want Kimoyo Beads badly.

Moved to Tennessee

Family friends invited us to stay with them while 1) I found a new job and 2) we found a home of our own. I would not recommend this as it was stressful in several annoying ways but it was only four months. Lessons learned?

  • Trust your gut (in hindsight, I should have seen my layoff coming)
  • Have a savings fund

Got more serious about projects

Socii saw improvements, Chew was launched, and I released some open-source modules and configs on npm.

Along the way, I discovered better "good practices" and I'm keen on improving them further in the new year.

Oh, and I transitioned from GitLab to Gitea. GitLab is a resource hog and reminds of old Wordpress. I am much happier with Gitea and it is customizable! I haven't done any customization though, haha.

My wife delved into sewing more, improved her skills tenfold, and is becoming known in the sewing community. I now have intermediate knowledge about cover stiches and what stiches look like when using 1-3 needles.

Bought more indie music

Stream life is just not for me, at least music-wise. Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music...none of it sticks with me. I've found myself using Bandcamp a lot more this year and I mean a LOT.

Some awesome musicians I've discovered are LAKIM, マクロスMACROSS 82-99, Eric Lau, Dent May, The PLAYlist, leon chang, YUNG BAE...I could keep going but that small list should keep your ears busy for a couple hours.


For the past couple years I've ended my annual review posts with my top nine popular Instagram posts but since I don't use that platform are some favorited images from my phone.

My favorite photos from the past few months

This time next year, Socii will have photo functionality. 🕸